AcScents! Naturally™ is a handmade line of spa products created by artist/designer Susan and her husband, Alex. The products are made of the finest natural ingredients. The unique and beautiful packaging creates an aura of elegance in any bath or spa. Many buyers have commented that purchasing this line is like "buying a work of art".

Susan's artwork and designs have appeared in internationally distributed magazines. She has made guest appearances on television's Discovery Channel and has demonstrated various crafts at international trade shows. Her work is sold at museum gift shops, including the prestigious American Craft Museum in New York City.

Susan has appeared in several editions of "Who's Who in American Women", "Who's Who in America", and "Who's Who in the World".

Alex brings a keen business sense and strong financial abilities to the company. He has developed a love of fragrance and had been crucial in the creation of several new blends. He also is an excellent source of design ideas.

Mission Statement: Our goal is to create a product that is of the highest quality using the finest ingredients in exceptional packaging. We strive to create an atmosphere of beauty that surrounds all five senses. Our aim is to please our wholesale buyers as well as the end consumer of our product. If there is anything we can do to help you sell our product we will be happy to do so.

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