About Our Products

The Ultimate Bath™: Our best seller - the Ultimate Bath is the ultimate in pampering. A combination of our plant wax candle in the lid and either our Mineral Spa Crystals or Therapy Sea Salts in the jar, transforms the bath into a luxurious spa experience.

Moisturizing Lotion: Pamper the skin with this luxurious lotion, which absorbs easily into the skin with no greasy residue. Conditions while it moisturizes and softens.

Bath & Body Oil: A special combination of cold pressed oils absorbs easily into the skin. Can be used in the bath or as a moisturizer. Leaves skin incredibly soft and smooth without feeling greasy.

Body Wash: Luxurious, moisturizing body wash leaves skin soft and supple as a brand new baby.

Exfoliating Body Polish: This gentle body scrub combines Aloe Vera with Jojoba beads and exfoliates to buff away dead skin and encourage new cell growth.

Antioxidant Body Silk: Vitamins A, C, D & E combined with Aloe Vera make this a truly unique moisturizing cream. Leaves skin silky smooth without feeling greasy.

Ultimate Massage Oil: Ingredients such as Grapeseed oil and Jojoba provide excellent glide for an unparalleled massage.

The Ultimate Massage: This greaseless massage product has been especially formulated to provide maximum slip without the mess of ordinary massage oils. Will not stain the sheets. A truly unique and pleasurable experience.

Perfume Oils: Reminiscent of the fragrances of Mesopotamia, these perfume oils are subtle, tantalizing and long lasting. A delight to the senses.

Mineral Spa Crystals: May be used in the bath, jetted spa or hot tub. A gentle, soothing bath that is biodegradable, leaves no residue and, when used as directed, does not upset the pH balance of the Spa chemicals. Spa Safe Formula

Therapy Sea Salts: Sea salt blend enriched with ocean kelp. Authentic Dead Sea Salts from the Legendary Dead Sea in Israel and ocean kelp infuse the bath water with proteins and minerals. When blended with herbs and/or essential oil blends the bath turns into a truly wonderful spa experience.

Pampered Foot Soak: A blend of minerals - combined with Tea Tree Oil, Menthol and Peppermint Oil - gives comfort to tired, overworked feet. Freshens, deodorizes and stimulates circulation.

Pampered Foot Exfoliating Polish: Cools and refreshes while it exfoliates dry skin, loosens dirt and softens callouses. A necessity for busy feet.

Pampered Foot Lotion: Turn tired achy feet into "happy feet" with this cooling, soothing and invigorating lotion with rich emollients to soften hard skin.

Pampered Foot Therapy Cream: A complete moisturizing cream for very dry, cracked feet with analgesic action. Watch those rough spots melt away.

Pampered Hand Exfoliating Polish: Helps to alleviate dry, rough cuticles. Leaves hands young and smooth.

Pampered Hand Therapy Cream: Rich emollients combined with pink grapefruit oil produce deep moisturizing cream for very dry and rough skin. A great treatment for elbows and knees as well as hands. Use wherever dry skin needs softening.

Pampered Hand & Cuticle Oil: A unique blend of vitamin-enriched oils softens rough, dry skin, helps torn & rough cuticles and leaves hands feeling supple and youthful.

Pampered Hand Refreshing Hand Soak: A unique blend of natural minerals to comfort tired, overworked hands. Reduces swelling and leaves hands soft and supple while promoting healthy cuticles. A gentle, soothing soak to refresh and revitalize.

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